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Walls that are empty are a sign of depression and anxiety. If your walls aren’t well decorated, they’ll always be a source of boredom and make a bad impression on visitors, no matter how nice the paint is. A wall devoid of attractive and valued wall art is like to an artist devoid of imagination.
The advantages of employing paintings.
1. It gives your walls a soul
2. It Is a Mirror of Your Personality
3. It Promotes Interaction

We’ll transform your home with your own imaginations or guide you in the right direction


To be legally recognized as a trademark, a product name must be distinctive. Trademarks are created to protect the consumer so that consumers would not be confused while choosing a product. Trademarks create and protect the goodwill of manufacturers and service providers.

A trademark is protected through registration with the Registrar of Trademarks It is more vital for manufacturers and service providers to safeguard their name and reputation by protecting their trademark and their domain names.

Shah IP advice and guide its clients from the stage of search of trademark to its enforcement so that protection is obtained and upheld Shah IP provides services with respect to:

➔ Suggestion and creation of distinctive trade marks and brands 
➔ Pre-filing protection strategy and advice on registrability of the trademark
➔ Conducting trade mark clearance and search
➔ Advice on registration procedures
➔ Filing of Trademark Applications
➔ Clearance of Objections by TMR
➔ Counter the Opposition or oppose the registration of trademarks
➔ Prosecuting applications, appeals and oppositions
➔ Assignments of trademarks registered/ unregistered
➔ Licensing of trademarks
➔ Franchise Agreements of trademarks
➔ Renewals of trademarks
➔  Infringement and passing off actions to enforc and defend trade mark rights
➔ Watch on trademarks and third party observations
➔  Revocation/ rectification
➔Restoration of trademarks
➔  Assisting in due diligence on IP rights 


Copyright is a right that gives the exclusive rights to the creator of an original work to use it, reproduce it, and commercialize it for a limited time. Copyrights evolve from the creation of different types of works which may include Artistic works, Literary works, Dramatic works , Musical works , Cinematographic works, Sound recordings, Broadcasts etc. Computer software is included in the definition of “literary work”.

Copyright is intellectual property attributed to the skill and labour of an individual in the creation and expression of an original idea. 

Copyright material is protected from the time it is first written down, painted or drawn, filmed or taped. Copyright material is protected from the time it is first written down, painted or drawn, filmed or taped.  It also enjoys protection under the laws of other countries who are signatories of the Berne Convention. In some industries, such as the software, media and entertainment industries, copyrights are the very core of the business. But also in industries where creating and licensing copyrights is not the business itself, copyrights play an important role both as an independent intellectual property right and supplementary to other intellectual property rights.

Shah IP offers advice on the various aspects of intellectual property protection available to achieve the best possible position in any given situation, and has substantial experience in assessing protection and its scope, as well as licensing and enforcing copyrights. Where relevant, Shah IP assists their clients in registration of their copyright and manages their portfolio of copyright registrations as an integral part of their IPR portfolio.
Shah IP offers a comprehensive range of copyright registration services including:

➔ Advice on Copyright registration procedures
➔ Filing of Copyright Applications
➔ Clearance of Objections of Copyright Office
➔ Assignments of Copyright
➔  Licensing of Copyright
➔ Infringement actions to enforce and defend Copyright


Patent protection is available in all areas of technology. Patents are used in various ways in different industries. Patents protect products or processes, which include new technical or functional aspects. They protect the ideas behind how things work. Many companies and organizations are constantly developing new products and services to improve the lives of people. There is great innovation in all fields of technology. The patent rights relating to unique idea, method or process , product, apparatus or device, or other material, give the owner of these an exclusive right to use the patented things for commercial exploitation, for a specific period of 20 years from the date of patent registration.

Shah IP offers a comprehensive range of Patent services including:

➔ Advice on patentability
➔ Preliminary investigations and Patent Searches
➔ Drafting, filing and prosecuting Patent Application
➔ Reviewing and evaluating patent portfolios
➔ Assignments of Patent
➔ Licensing of Patent
➔ Infringement action for registered patent
➔ Third party observations
➔ Opposition
➔ Revocation
➔ Restitution


Industrial design specifically differentiates itself from these other specific types of design by focusing on the industrialized process. Industrial design may include furniture design, packaging design, car design, product design, lighting design etc. Industrial designers are generally well acquainted with design registrations. Design is a competitive factor. Product design in many ways determines the success of a product. Protecting the appearance of a product is therefore critical to defend investments, secure the rights and credits of the designer and enable further development. Design protection is also a means to differentiate a product which does not otherwise stand out from a functional point of view.

Shah IP strives to provide the optimal blend of protective
measures for clients by using its resources and knowledge within each legal area to create a well-defined intellectual property strategy. 

Shah IP offers a comprehensive range of registered design services including:

➔ Advice on registrability of Design
➔ Searches of Design
➔ Filing of Design Application and prosecution of Designs Applications
➔ Assignments of Design
➔ Licensing of Design
➔ Renewals of Design
➔ Infringement action
➔ Opposition to registration of Design
➔ Rectification registered Design
➔ Restoration of Design

IP Litigation

Shah IP Attorneys handle all types of Intellectual Property litigation including Trademarks, Copyright, Design, and Patents infringement and passing off, before High Courts, District Courts and Criminal Courts.

Shah IP Attorneys have vast experience in prosecution and litigation in different fields of Intellectual Property including Trademarks, Copyright, Design and Patents. Shah IP Attorneys have extensive knowledge in procedural laws including Code of Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure Code, Evidence Act. Our creative and pragmatic approach guarantees that our clients interests will be defended and protected efficiently and successfully.

Over 18+ Years of Experiences

Legal Excellence and Passion for Protection at Shah IP

We introduce ourselves as specialized Advocates and Attorneys in the field of
Intellectual property Rights. We have clients from various fields including Information Technology, Education, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Textile, Garments, Engineering, Electric and Electronic, Construction & Real Estate, Agriculture, Logistic, Architecture, Hotel and Restaurants, Tours & Travels, Automobile and many other sectors. We have well spread business scope all over the country. 
We are managing the IPR portfolio of various companies, more particularly companies in the field of Crop Protection ,seeds manufacturing, educational institutions, construction and land development. 

Shah IP is headed by Mrs. Rupali Shah (Advocate and Attorney), who has over 18 years of experience in the Legal profession and has specialized experience in the field of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Shah continues to be professionally active in the areas of Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, Designs, Civil and Criminal IP litigation, IP Agreements and all other IP related matters. She has practiced at a leading IP law firm in Mumbai. IP registration and IP litigation is the core practice area of Shah IP.

Mr. Jainil Shah is having 14 years of Consulting, Advice and management experience in the field of Intellectual Property Rights and experience of IP business development across the country. Mr. Shah is responsible for leading key Consulting initiatives that support the continued growth and Professional Development at Shah IP.

Shah IP has a team of Advocates, Paralegal Associates, Trademark Agent Associates, Technical and Non-Technical personnel to deal with Trademark, Copyright, Design, Patent and Plant varieties registration and litigation matters.

Expert Advice

Shah IP, a trusted IPR Consulting Firm in India, offers comprehensive Intellectual Property Rights guidance.

Legal Analysis

Our intellectual property litigation experience together with our in-depth knowledge of the relevant case law allows us to analyze effectively the validity of the IP rights as well as the risks of an infringement, passing off, rectification or cancellation action.

Comprehensive intellectual property services

Shah IP provides personal attention to each Client. On the most fundamental level, our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional legal guidance and support at cost-effective rates. While excellence in legal representation is a given, we take greater pride in our ability to marshal new technologies to facilitate maximum connectivity with our clients and track our client’s cases with precision and care.