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To be legally recognized as a trademark, a product name must be distinctive. Trademarks are created to protect the consumer so that consumers would not be confused while choosing a product. Trademarks create and protect the goodwill of manufacturers and service providers.

A trademark is protected through registration with the Registrar of Trademarks It is more vital for manufacturers and service providers to safeguard their name and reputation by protecting their trademark and their domain names.


Copyright is a right that gives the exclusive rights to the creator of an original work to use it, reproduce it, and commercialize it for a limited time. Copyrights evolve from the creation of different types of works which may include Artistic works, Literary works, Dramatic works , Musical works , Cinematographic works, Sound recordings, Broadcasts etc. Computer software is included in the definition of “literary work”.

Copyright is intellectual property attributed to the skill and labour of an individual in the creation and expression of an original idea. 


Patent protection is available in all areas of technology. Patents are used in various ways in different industries. Patents protect products or processes, which include new technical or functional aspects. They protect the ideas behind how things work. Many companies and organizations are constantly developing new products and services to improve the lives of people. There is great innovation in all fields of technology. The patent rights relating to unique idea, method or process , product, apparatus or device, or other material, give the owner of these an exclusive right to use the patented things for commercial exploitation, for a specific period of 20 years from the date of patent registration.


Industrial design specifically differentiates itself from these other specific types of design by focusing on the industrialized process. Industrial design may include furniture design, packaging design, car design, product design, lighting design etc. Industrial designers are generally well acquainted with design registrations. Design is a competitive factor. Product design in many ways determines the success of a product. Protecting the appearance of a product is therefore critical to defend investments, secure the rights and credits of the designer and enable further development. Design protection is also a means to differentiate a product which does not otherwise stand out from a functional point of view.

Legal and Corporate secretarial services

We understand that navigating legal requirements can be a daunting task for businesses. Our team of secretary services experts can help you identify and comply with all necessary legal regulations. Secretarial services will ensure that your business is always operating and adhering to the law. From drafting legal agreements to providing all the support we offer a range of legal and corporate secretarial services to help you stay compliant. Our team will make sure that all the records are accurate and up-to-date. Our corporate secretarial services cover business registration, company law related matters, Annual & Event based ROC/MCA compliances, Periodic & event based SEBI compliances, RBI/FEMA Compliances, Conversion of entities/firms, other SEBI related matters, drafting of legal documents, filing of all the necessary forms and reports with the regulatory bodies, corporate due diligence, IPO assistance, Demat, Remat of Shares, Maintenance of corporate records like registers, minutes etc. and ensuring that the company adheres to all applicable laws.

IP Litigation

Shah IP Attorneys handle all types of Intellectual Property litigation including Trademarks, Copyright, Design, and Patents infringement and passing off, before High Courts, District Courts and Criminal Courts.

Shah IP Attorneys have vast experience in prosecution and litigation in different fields of Intellectual Property including Trademarks, Copyright, Design and Patents. Shah IP Attorneys have extensive knowledge in procedural laws including Code of Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure Code, Evidence Act. Our creative and pragmatic approach guarantees that our clients interests will be defended and protected efficiently and successfully.